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Every Akha bracelet is hand-beaded using traditional methods by our artisan group in Thailand. Semi-precious stones include turquoise, jasper, tiger's eye, amethyst, howlite and aventurine. Fastenings made from vegan leather are adjustable up to an additional 5" with multiple sizing options to provide the best fit for anyone. Finished with plated brass Marquet engraved charms.

Our Miri Wrap is created with petite beads and semi-precious stones for a subtle statement. Elongated and exquisite, these bracelets circle around 5-6 times.  Handmade in Thailand

Miri Semi Precious Stone & Crystal Wrap Bracelet


    Size: 32” end to end, adjustable 5” cording
    Materials: Semi-precious stone, crystal, brass, and vegan leather

    Color: Clarity