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Plant Know How

What are the "easiest" plants to care for ?

Our pick for the easiest is the ZZ plant.

Others are: Spider Plants, Pathos, Aloe, Monstera, Sansevieria, Cactus, Jade, Peperomia Ginny, Ponytail Palm, and Chinese Money Plant

What plants like bright sunlight ?
Bright sun is best for cacti, succulents and many flowering plants. Do keep leafy plants out of direct sun as the leaves can burn or lose color.

What are good "air cleaning" plants ?

Plants clean the air by removing toxins.

The favorites are : Pathos, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Spider Plant, Rubber Plants, Palms, Boston Ferns, Kimberly Queen Ferns, Dracaenas, Ficus, Snake Plant, Aloe, English Ivy, Anthurium, and Chinese Evergreen,

Do Air plants need water & light ?

Yes. They receive dappled light in the wild where they grow on the sides of trees in tropical forests. They love a rain shower. We use misters or spray bottles to keep ours happy. Dry the plant by sitting them on their sides or upside down so that the water doesn't collect at the center and cause rot. You can submerge them in water for a few hours for a once a month bath.

 I have no windows in my office; what kind of plant should I get ?
All living plants need some sunlight. If you absolutely need a plant then go for a pathos or peace lily. They wont  thrive but they last longer than most. A faux plant is your best choice.

Will this get bigger ?

We hope so. All living plants will grow though some grow faster than others. For instance,  jades and cacti are slow growers. If your plant is doing well it will eventually need a bigger pot. 

Our 2" plants are just baby plants that want to grow up.

You can also trim plants if they are getting too big or leggy. 

Interior Decor Plant

When should I repot my plants ?

Plants usually need repotting every 12 to 18 months, depending on how actively they grow. Some slow growers can stay in the same pot for years. If you can see roots at the bottom of the pot it is time to size up. Early spring, before the growth season, is usually the best time to repot.

What plants are "pet safe" ?

It is always better to keep houseplants out of a pet's reach, but these plants are recognized by the ASPCA as being non-toxic to cats and dogs: African Violet, Baby Tears, Spider Plant, Butterfly Palm, Boston Fern, Calathea, Friendship Plant, Polka Dot Plant, Peperomia, Orchid, Mosaic Plant, Bromeliad, Ponytail Palm, Haworthia, and Royal Velvet Plant

How do I take care of a closed terrarium ?
Make sure you do not have succulents in your closed terrarium.  You want plants that thrive in high humidity. Never put a glass terrarium in direct sunlight. - It will cook the plants. Indirect light is best. Once your plants are well established, you may not need to water for weeks. Keep an eye on the color of your dirt. if it looks light and sandy it needs water. Misting is best since you have very little drainage in a closed terrarium. You will have to prune your plants as they grow. If you see mold, take it out immediately and clean the glass. If your glass is too foggy from condensation, take the lid off for a little while.
Plant FAQ
 What kind of plants work well for low light ?
Many ferns work well for low light but don't forget to water them. The ZZ plant is tolerant of most light situations and is easy to care for. Other options are: Pathos, Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Calathea, Arrowhead Plant, and Philodendron Silver.
How do I take care of an open terrarium ?
Open terrariums are best for succulents and cacti. These plants usually like a lot of sun but be careful not to burn them.  Remember you have little to no drainage so do not overwater. You can use an eye dropper or spray bottle to water. Water less during the winter dormant season. Remove any decay and prune plants that are touching the glass. Yellowing plants  and puffy foliage are signs of overwatering. If you see shriveling foliage you may need to water or move away from direct sun.
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