Swedish dishcloths replace kitchen sponges and paper towels. They’re simple, smart, and pretty!  You can use these to wash dishes, wipe down counter tops, clean your appliances, and pick up spills and messes. They are durable and launderable.  Made with all natural cellulose and cotton, so you can even compost them.  6" x 8"

Swedish Dish Cloth- Christmas Collection

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  • These hard-working dishcloths can absorb 15 times their own weight! They clean up food and drink spills like a charm, and won’t leave streaks on your appliances or glass cook top. If you have young children, keep a Swedish dishcloth handy at mealtimes to quickly absorb any spilled drinks. They work much better than a thin paper towel or a pile of napkins!

    They last a long time. With proper care, you can use the same Swedish dishcloth for 9-12 months! Washing your dishcloth is easy. Usually you can just rinse it out and let it air dry, but when it starts to get soiled simply put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, or even toss it in the laundry! Once washed, wring it out and let it air dry. For further sanitation you can also boil it, or wet it and then microwave it for 30 seconds.

    Eventually the fibers in the Swedish dishcloths will break down, but it will be many, many washes before that happens. And when your dishcloth is no longer useful in the kitchen, you can compost it.



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