A 100% natural, thick, buttery moisturizer. Organic whipped shea butter drizzled with virgin coconut oil and organic cocoa butter. Paraben-free. Scented with essential oil(s). No added color. 4.5 ounces by weight, packaged in an amber plastic jar. MELT WARNING - this product can melt in elevated climates and temperatures. It does not effect the efficacy of the product, only the texture. Wholesale Terms: Minimum opening order $200. Reorder minimum $100. Orders must be prepaid in full before shipping or pick up of order. Net30 is available for established relationships. Accepted payments include check or cash. Credit card with a 3.5% processing fee. Shipping via USPS or UPS to the United States, paid by the client.
Made in United States of America

Lavender Whipped Butter